The first RuneScape player to reach 99 archeology-Le Me

Due to the global impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, many games are once again the darling of players. RuneScape is no exception. To be precise, RuneScape has always been popular with players. Today I am going to talk about the archeology of RuneScape.

RuneScape has always had a leaderboard culture. The archeology added last Monday became RuneScape's 28th skill, and many players are eager to be the first to reach 99 points. Le Me won the championship after six days of hard work. Although reaching 99 points is an important milestone, archaeology is a skill that supports up to 120 levels. This means that mastering real competition is just beginning.

One of the surprising features of archaeology is the speed of skill training. At level 60, players can only get 12,000 experiences per hour. Archaeology is a skill that is very suitable for AFK, which means that it requires little attention when training. Due to the low experience rate, many content creators dedicated to the 99-year competition ultimately spent incredible time. YouTuber and Twitch live streamer Maikeru completed two 11-hour and 23-hour live streams in just four days.

With its multiple training options, the skill itself has been well received. Many of RuneScape's skills are repetitive, which is guilty, but archaeology does a good job of providing players with how to train it. Traditional artifacts can be cleaned and repaired, but discovering mysteries and completing research can also be effective.

Due to the ongoing release of the COVID-19 epidemic and archaeology, RuneScape has been booming. According to Misplaceditems, RuneScape 3 peaked at more than 60,000 players, while Old School attracted more than 145,000 players. The recent growth is a promising sign that one of the oldest MMORPGs in the world may be returning to its peak.

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