How to make skills reach 99 quickly in OSRS

Compared with spending a lot of time in the game, using OSRS Gold is easier to obtain, but these may require you to pay to obtain. To help you save time, here are some skills that can make you easily reach 99. There is a lot of content, but you will thank me after reading, whether it is a novice or an old player.


Cooking takes a short time and the cost is relatively low. For example, a wine can raise you from 38 to 99 in 22 hours, and the cost is 20 million gold coins. But there are also disadvantages. Reaching 68 will stop you from producing poor quality wine. When this happens, you can save money by cooking tuna or lobster. This method takes about 27 hours, but only costs 10 million gold.


Prayers can get a lot of XP upgrades. To reach prayer in the fastest time, you will need to be able to reach level 70 using the bones of Daganos. Once you reach this level, you can unlock the advanced dragon bones to level 99. This takes about 10 hours and costs about 210M gold.


If you have enough OSRS Gold, then the production process can quickly reach 99. If you want to save as much gold as possible, but this method has certain disadvantages, it is too time-consuming. If you do n’t have enough time, try another method.


The cost of reaching level 99 in Fletching requires about 120 million gold coins. The art of Fletching darts is an effective method that allows you to quickly improve your character's level. From bronze arrows to dragon darts, you can reach level 99 with this special cost. In addition, you can save more OSRS Gold by filling the Mithril Darts. This method will cost approximately 51 million gold and will take approximately 7 hours to complete.


Firemaking is probably one of the easiest ways to reach 99. This is due to Firemaking has some very simple requirements to upgrade and profit. You can choose to avoid Wintertodt altogether, just light the logs. This option can bring you to 99 in 35 hours, and the cost is 23 million gold coins. Perhaps this can maximize your level.

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