It's better to play Old School Runescape than staying bored at home

Affected by the global epidemic, humans have been forced to stay at home for work or leisure. In short, staying at home is the safest. But this has caused a lot of inconvenience to many enterprises and employees. RuneScape and Old School RuneScape have become a good place to accompany players, while also dispersing people's nervousness about the virus.

To maintain the normal operation of the game server, the development team must quickly adapt to the home office mode and will continue to do excellent work, including developing content and remotely starting game updates. Although many game players enjoy the fun in the game, it is also boring to repeat the game tasks constantly to earn more OSRS Gold. But this is also fun to kill time.

Archeology entered RuneScape last week, and old-school players can look forward to the second half of the Darkmeyer update, including the Sins of the Father quest and the Hallowed Sepulchre we are currently studying. Players of both games can expect more activities and content.

The biggest regret in 2020 is that we cannot host live events or participate in entertainment projects. However, the world in the game makes up for the gap in our offline entertainment life. Virtual game activities will accelerate the next RuneFest we plan to some extent. This will be the biggest and best thing we have done.

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