How do I play Treasure Hunter in Runescape?

When players enter Treasure Hunter, they should all want to know how to play it well the first time. In Treasure Hunter, the player should be curious about how to unlock the box to get rewards. Senior veteran players will want to use the key to open the treasure box. So, let ’s take a look at how to get the key together.

There are many treasures hidden in the chests in Treasure Hunter. Players will get unlocked rewards whenever they open the chest. Keys are indispensable for opening treasure chests, and each key can bring you the opportunity to obtain useful items and loot. Fortunately, there are many ways to help you!

First, you can earn keys through activities in the game, such as monster drops and missions. This is a method that many casual players will adopt. For some players, the key obtained by doing monsters in the game is very fulfilling, because it is obtained through their efforts. Unlock boxes, each containing a unique value item from normal to rare.

Secondly, as a free game player, if you insist on logging in every day, then you will receive 1 free daily key, if you are a member, then you can double it, 2 per day!

Whether you are a casual player or a full-time player, even if you do missions and fight monsters around the clock, you may not necessarily get the key you want. Witty players always like to buy directly from the online mall to get more results with less.

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