How I think the Inquisitor Staff pieces should enter the game

My RuneScape legend upgrade. Shortly, after RuneScape entered the pit, I was restricted by the level and it was difficult for me to breakthrough. But if you have enough OSRS Gold, it won't be too difficult.


Restrict Inquisitor Staff pieces to the Praetorium (level 107, 114, 118) to align with the

level requirement of acquiring Spear of Annihilation Tips

The drop frequency of Inquisitor Staff pieces and Spear of Annihilation Tips are

returned to pre-nerf levels, however, the roll for the drop would occur at the 100%

time sprite bonus. This rate also assumes that the player is hitting the maximum

number of 100% time sprite bonuses per hour

AFKing without ever hitting the 100% time sprite proc is 10 (placeholder number)

times rarer drop chance per hour. Maybe even completely remove it from standard

excavation ticks


This would make time sprite feel more rewarding

Naturally, reducing the amount of them coming into the game

Deter alt accounts from farming them, even if they get a high Archaeology level

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