Runescape acquired dinosaurs and the first new skill in 4 years

In 2019, Jagex released Runescape's highly anticipated land expansion beyond time. The island has an island full of prehistoric creatures for hunting and killing. With Archaeology-Runesscape's first skill in four years-you can explore five excavation sites full of artifacts and relics. Some of these discoveries may release unexpected status enthusiasts.

Start your archaeological journey at the Harid-Ett excavation site, where you receive the first Matttok-skill signing tool. Under the city of Harid, you find long-lost relics of miraculous wars, including weapons and ancient magic. Jaggers believes that creating a new skill is very important, it attracts both old players and new players.

Content developer Ryan Philpot said: We must keep in mind every player who explores this skill. You will get short lore instead of a dump of information that may overwhelm casual fans. Nevertheless, there are still many things to learn, and it is a lot of drip irrigation. In addition to Summoning, it is tailor-made for a core, higher-level crowd, and our reward for archaeology can be appreciated at any level.

Later, archaeologists faced ancient war forging sites. Here, you must use new equipment and knowledge to reveal the secrets of Bandos and his many armies. You can help dig hard to use ancient summons to enslave demonic creatures.

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