Players objected to the popular online game Old School Runescape's interactive activities

Earlier, UK developer Jagex posted a blog post telling players they wanted to bring more action to the popular MMORPG Old School Runescape, similar to the Twitch Prime collaboration that took place last year, which was quickly rejected by players.

Jagex's poll of each of the planned joint options has now been closed by the authorities. Because the trend in the survey is that about 70% of players oppose all the options, the reason is that players are worried that this linkage and cooperation will become the game to open the door to microtransactions.

Jagex expressed disappointment in their latest announcement that monetization was not in their plans at all, but also expressed understanding for the players. Jagex still sees partnerships as the way to go with Old School Runescape, but will not attempt to do so without player support.

Last year's partnership with Twitch gave Prime members a free one-month membership and the chance to change their skin color to purple. After the event, all players will receive free purple skin, which Jagex says will be repeated in any future linkage. In the initial outline of the partnership, Jagex said that no player had to worry about the appearance of a microtransaction. The jewelry content was the first part of a microtransaction, and they would not add any microtransactions, which was completely contrary to the spirit that made the game successful. However, the gaming community is not buying Jagex's story.

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