With the update of iOS closed beta, Double XP also launched new activities

RuneScape has been in some form since 2001. Players can create their characters and advance through missions and hunting monsters. Although the storyline is important, RuneScape is very nonlinear, including small games, events, guilds, PvP and so on.

Although the basic game can be downloaded and played for free, it is restricted, and the content after subscription will bring more frequent (exclusive) content updates to the player, the player's home, the ability to play in full screen (free users are limited to window clients), and more Multiple advantages.

Today, RuneScape is updated at the Double XP event and iOS closed beta. Whether you are a free player or a subscription player, you want to get richer content in the game. Come and Buy OSRS Gold on now. Sufficient supply and fast delivery will help you get a better experience in the game and take it to the next level!

First, Double XP is set to start on May 8 (this Friday) and continue until May 18. During this period, you will get a double XP upgrade for 48 hours. You can use them for anything you like, except archaeology. If you remember, archaeology is the latest skill to hit RuneScape in years.

Besides, the closed Beta version of the iOS version of RuneScape will begin on May 11. The mobile version of the game is set to be fully compatible with the desktop version and the Android version.

You need to download the TestFlight app to participate. The team also pointed out what you need to register:

       Go to the App Store and install TestFlight on the Apple device.

       After RuneScape iOS closed Beta goes live, the TestFlight link will be shared on

       After opening the TestFlight on the iOS device, click Start Testing (under the heading Join the Beta).

       Please follow the instructions in TestFlight to download RuneScape iOS Closed Beta.

       start playing!