​RuneScape Mobile will enter testing later this year

RuneScape Mobile is about to enter the early access experience after a long trial in the Closed Beta. The announcement arrived on Saturday during RuneFest 2019 in Farnborough.

The latest version has a modified user interface designed specifically for touchscreen devices including tablets, and also has cross-platform support, which means you can easily play an account on PCs and mobile devices. This is obviously a huge advantage! In the past, many PC-to-mobile device ports were impossible.

Although the mobile version gives players the advantage of being able to play as long as they want, regardless of time and location, it also has a place that cannot be compared with the PC version. Those who play the PC version for a long time may have difficulty adapting to the slower speed of the mobile version, and most operations will take a little longer to execute.

As you might expect, the current Early Access version has solved many smaller problems (mainly about mini-maps). Those who have not entered the closed beta version are best to go online and use the early access version later this year. I hope it can achieve the proper balance between making the necessary concessions for the mobile version while remaining loyal to the PC version.

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