​Play new game quests to fight against COVID-19

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Now I will introduce you to the content of the new game quest. Sins of the Father is the fifth installment in the Myreque storyline. In this quest, you will need to help the Myreque investigate some strange goings-on in Morytania whilst also preparing for the return of Lord Lowerniel Drakan himself.

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Do you know PlayApartTogether? PlayApartTogether is a game industry plan designed to encourage players to follow the WHO's health guidelines. In Old School RuneScape, Jagex will donate £ 1 to players who receive each level on May 1 and May 4 A fixed donation of £ 25,000 was received from the DMM Championship later in the month. This adds up to an incredible £ 25,557! Together with funding from the RuneScape program, Jagex raised £ 60,007, while Jagex will increase to £ 69,000. These funds will be used against COVID-19.

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