​Old School RuneScape: Do you know RuneFest?

First of all, if you are a loyal player of the old RuneScape, then you must have a certain impression of RUNEFEST. If you don't know much, let me briefly introduce it to you.

RuneFest is the name of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players' annual real-world conference. It is usually held at a location in the UK in the second half of each year and provides players with a variety of different activities, including learning and experiencing upcoming content. Some OSRS gold sales websites will also do their best to promote their websites. RSGOLDB2C also participated in the exhibition last year.

The event is organized and attended by Jagex, and some panel content is also streamed live on the official RuneScape Twitch channel. From the first time to the present, there have been ten times. Every meeting, everyone will discuss how to update the game, so that more people can play. If you are a loyal player of old school RuneScape, you must know the process of playing the game You need to Buy OSRS Gold. There are many OSRS gold sales websites, but I recommend RSGOLDB2C to you. There is the fastest delivery speed here, there is sufficient supply, and here is the best customer service quality.

There are signs that the RuneFest concept was already under development on March 18, 2010, and Jagex registered the domain name On March 24, an interview with Mark Gerhard, then CEO of Jagex, was published on the RuneScape YouTube channel. Two seconds after the video played, the word "RuneFest 2010" could be seen on the whiteboard behind Mods Paul M and Mark G, which led people to speculate that Jagex was planning real-life activities related to RuneScape.

Finally, During RuneFest 2019, we experienced the League game mode. The first of these is the Twisted League, which started on November 14. More plans are being implemented in 2020. To tell you the good news, RSGOLDB2C has a lot of discounts, so go ahead and take a look at this website.