Don't worship the king, you can also win the admiration of others

As we all know, the meaning of "dead mode" is that everything will start from the beginning, and players must advance and upgrade as quickly as possible to win. This is not an easy task, because the game will be interrupted due to the server crash between players, which will undoubtedly increase the tension of the game, and then make the game's results valuable.

High risks inevitably bring high returns. Fans envy not only the talents of the winners, but also the entitlements and bonuses that come with them. For example, the experience gained in "dead mode" is five times the reasonable amount; after killing your opponent, you will get bloody money that can be used to purchase armor in undead mode. Of course, if you win the championship with your own strength and efforts, you will get a huge bonus!

The Deadman model requires a lot of speed to upgrade, and buying gold coins as an investment will bring the above benefits and honorary returns. Buying RS Gold not only allows players to flexibly handle game resources, but also helps them quickly enhance their abilities, making them ideal for Deadman mode.

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