​How to effectively master certain skills in Runescape?

As we all know, the essence of playing games is to participate. Doing tasks in the game to gain experience is the most important factor that consumes time. So, how to effectively master some of Runescape's skills?

1. Speed (easiest to reach 99)

In Runescape, if you are referring to skills that can be destroyed to reach 99 as quickly as possible, then we are talking about skills that provide the best experience per hour. It depends on how much Runescape cash you are willing to spend to obtain resources (if the skill requires you to do so).

2. Detection rate (easiest to reach 99 without being prohibited)

In addition, with the new Bot monitoring system in Runescape, all Botting becomes easier to detect, because they can identify the paradigm by the way the script works. Jagex did not release many details about how its system works.

For example, on, I bought a lot of gold, and then I gained more than one level and more than one level of experience.

3. The easiest to set up (you can easily reach 99 without spending too much time setting up the robot)

In Runescape, there are many types of robots that can perform many types of activities. Some activities may require a lot of reading and configuration scripts, while others may only require downloading the auto clicker.

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