​A interview of Runefest

When you go to Runefest, most people are dressed in strange, colorful clothes, even wearing armor and wielding swords. And the security services are thinking hard about how to search them. Many players love role-playing, as two men strut to Battersea Evolution in armor, wielding swords, one in standard but impressive armor, the other in ancient bronze, seemingly in the mold of Cthulu's. They stand out like the turquoise knights of London. On this day, the assembly hall was filled with thousands of people, men, and women, young and old, who would be quickly brought into the beautiful memories of the game.Buy RS Gold is your most suitable choice.

Everyone at Runefest(the game's annual convention) loves Runescape, but the point is this. At this point, there are no full-time Runescape streamers at all. I think I was the first one to go after it. It took me three or four days to make a decision, and then I talked to my parents about it, and they agreed. I have the support of my parents, I try my best to finish it, several years later, I am still doing it now. Being a full-time Runescape streamer has been a lot more successful than I could have ever imagined."The old school is the same as it used to be, but it is also evolving.

Runescape has something different to it. For example, triathlon players can only do their own thing and cannot trade with other players. Iron man mode is more rigid, adding the simulated permanent path - your account will not disappear upon death, but if you lose a life, you lose your iron status. For players who like PVP, the death warrior mode is very popular. In this mode, anyone can fight anyone, anywhere, which means that if you die 15 players will lose their hard-earned levels and the most valuable items in the bank. Players are not bored with this slightly crude game, and with RuneScape's simple and varied game mode, they are always looking for new ways to push the system beyond its limits in ways that Jagex never intended. They are passionate about discovering, digging, documenting, and sharing training methods and combat techniques, just like archaeological discoveries.

Whatever their reasons for playing the game, the members of the show are united by time-tested nostalgia. Everyone has fond memories of playing it when they were young. May leave or simply forget it for one reason or another. And yet, miraculously, the emotion never dies and thrives.When buying gold coins, I have a trusted website to recommend to everyone, Buy RS3 Gold from rsgoldb2c is convenient and fast, and is available 24/7.