​Deadman Mode tournament disaster shows RuneScape nowhere near esports ready

RuneScape has been a browser-based MMO for 19 years. Since then, players have trained skills through three different versions of the game, completed tasks, and battled monsters. Over the years, this game has been so popular that nostalgic fans have requested to release a version of the original game-this desire before Blizzard did the same for World of Warcraft-for six full years as the form of "RuneScape old school" became realized. Buy Runescape Gold from rsgoldb2c is your best choice.

The old version of the game was finally listed on a mobile app in 2018, and in 2019, the main version of the game entered early access on Android.

In 2019, Jagex announced that the current mobile version of Runescape mobile phones can be used for free in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden! Northern Europe is the second region after Canada where players can experience games for free on mobile phones. Previously, only memberships could register to enter the beta version. By adding the Nordic region to the server, Jagex was able to run some final tests before the game was fully released to the public.

Jagex tried to bring the old RuneScape into the world of e-Sports, but this effort encountered huge setbacks. When The Spring 2019 Deadman Mode Tournament was finished, the focus is not on the winner or his $ 20,000 prize. On the contrary, game-breaking bugs and questionable intervention by the game's moderators received the most attention. This incident raised many questions about the feasibility of this game mode becoming e-sports.

The game's solution for players is to give new accounts, all with the same 94-level attributes, basic weapons and armor. Every player who dies of this error and has more than 94 combat skills loses their damage potential. Because the best weapons and armor are replaced by the same common equipment. Many players are frustrated because they lose a week of game results due to a problem they can't control. They may go to the website to buy gold coins and try to make up for their losses. The official commentator of the incident explained that this repair was the fairest for all participants.

The 128 affected players will have a chance to compete for a portion of the prize money at least.Although Runescape has many problems to solve, but he is indeed a very outstanding game.