​RuneScape game various main skills inventory

1.agility: Agile is quite boring, but it is still irreplaceable in RuneScape, to complete tasks faster, reach designated locations faster, and Buy OSRS Gold faster construction In your cozy cottage, play with a small garden; carefully decorate the living room and kitchen. Use various building materials, such as wooden boards, limestone, to make furniture and doors and windows. (*There are also building grade requirements) This is a very wasteful RS Gold skill Cooking For ordinary players, cooking is just one of many skills. For top chefs, you can earn RS Gold and pass the time.

4.crafting: Manually increase the attack and earn RS Gold. Players often make amulets and armor by hand to enhance their defense capabilities.

5.farming: Farming is a unique skill in RuneScape, RS Gold can't do everything, you need to invest time and patience, and have a little wisdom. Three steps: buy seeds-sow-harvest

6.firemaking: Firemaking is a good skill, not only the experience value increases rapidly, but also RS Gold is available. fishing a repetitive skill, you can relax. The higher the fishing level, the faster you can get the fish you want.

8.fletching: making arrows A good skill for earning RS Gold; fletching and crafting are a bit similar, that is, bending bows and making arrows.

9.herblore: Pharmacy is a complex skill that uses plants and plant extracts to produce wine, tonics, and other useful mixtures.

10.hunter: Hunting, Unlike other skills, hunter requires planned training. If you practice this skill, you have to buy equipment from players or shops with RS Gold. The shops are in vanilla and Mariah.

11.magic: Magic through magic spells, spells and specific procedures to produce supernatural abilities.

12.mining: Mining Another effective way to earn RS Gold. Mining is the most widely used skill. There are 14 different types of rocks, which are closely related to the player's weapons and armor.

13.prayer: Prayer prayer pray for the blessing of God in battle. When you use this skill, it will also be reduced to 0, and when it is restored, you can use it to release the skill.

14.ranging: Ranged You can use bows and arrows to conduct ranged attacks.

15: runecrafting: Runestone manufacturing Runestones are obtained by tapping the essence of runestones. You can get runestones in only a few places

16.slayer: killer slayer is a unique skill. If you are eager to explore the world of RuneScape and feel the thrill of fighting at the same time, then you can do slayer

17.smithing: Forging You can earn RS Gold by turning iron blocks into armor and weapons. The higher the level, the higher the level of armor and weapons can be forged, so you don't have to spend RS Gold in the store.

18.thieving: Thieves can steal all kinds of things and reward RS Gold for their generosity, which is also dangerous.

19.woodcutting Felling trees are everywhere, you can cut trees and sell to get Cheap OSRS Gold, but the required level is relatively high.