​3D page tour RuneScape story mission success secret

RuneScape already has 200 million registered users, and is a Java 3D web game, second only to World of Warcraft in the world, and has won the Guinness record of "the most popular MMORPG game". It claims to have reached 500,000 online at the same time. Are plot missions a tasteless task for MMO games? RuneScape shared their successful practices.OSRS Gold For Sale from rsgoldb2c is your best choice.

Although there are thousands of players online at the same time, everyone spends hours playing the RuneScape game, and the RS Gold spent in the game is even more difficult to count, but when it comes to plot tasks, MMO games will still face some unique dilemmas.

About 80% of the players will not go to the task description other than the necessary task dialogue. Does this mean that the plot mission is largely a tasteless game for MMO games?

The item collectors in the RuneScape game are known as power gamers. These players only focus on the accumulation of RS Gold wealth and experience. The developer admits that the power gamer often skips the dialogue in a hurry to complete the task as soon as possible and earn RS Gold, but he said, "We must ensure that players can occasionally stop and relax while earning RS Gold in a hurry.".

By implementing this strategy, the participation of players can be improved, and the fun of the RuneScape game itself will not be ignored when earning Old School Runescape Gold.

RuneScape uses TV series and comic strips to attract players to participate and releases a lot of new plots every month. The developers of RuneScape believe that a simple game can never satisfy a player who is passionate about the plot. No matter how many resources you have and how many RS Gold you have, the players’ ideas and tricks will always be stretched.