​Features of Runescape game

RuneScape (referred to as RS) is a large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game produced by the game company Jagex Games Studio. The game is the second largest in the world after World of Warcraft, and has been awarded the Guinness Book of Records "The Most Popular Free MMORPG Game".OSRS Gold For Sale from rsgodb2c is your best choice.

The game has always been famous for its rich plot, huge RS Gold trading system, and great playability and flexibility. It does not currently have a Chinese version, but there are English, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese versions. There are currently fewer players in China. The game does not require a client, but Java is required to run.

RuneScape has more than 170 servers distributed in the world, most of which are distributed in the United States, Canada, the European Union, Australia and other countries, so their biological clock is the opposite of us. It claims that there are an average of 50W people online at the same time. Fashionable in Canada, the United States and other places, the popularity is second only to World of Warcraft, but less players in China.

RuneScape is based on the original world "Gielinor" (Gielinor). The player plays an adventurer, explores the world, completes missions, and can also PK with other players and trade with RS Gold. In terms of fighting, besides the main use of swords (Melee) and bows (Ranged), there are also magic and prayer, as well as constitution. Players in Runescape mainly rely on melee, magic, and ranged combat skills, and the rest are auxiliary.

In addition to fighting, Runescape also has other skills, mainly used to manufacture and process objects, such as smithing (mainly used to manufacture metal products), crafting (manufacturing clothes, clay-made things, jewelry, etc., there are more in the paid member version In this regard), mining (mining is closely related to smithing), cooking (cooking, used to make food, the higher the level, the more types and styles of food can be made). And these things can be exchanged for Old School Runescape Gold to improve themselves, and have a very high similarity with the real society.