​The growth of the Master in the RuneScape game

The first thing to be clear is that you have a lot of preparation to do before picking up the staff and putting on the robe. Master is a profession that is a waste of RS Gold. Therefore, to practice the magic level efficiently, you'd better complete the following tasks: Prepare enough OSRS GP. Make money by yourself or find a high-quality gold supplier RSGOLDB2C

Part I: Primary MAGE LVL upgrade plan

I don’t recommend that MAGE LVL 1 immediately use RS Gold to smash the monsters-you know, this is very inefficient and consumes a lot of RS Gold (of course, it doesn’t matter if you are quite rich). Look at the following four steps:

1: Complete the Rune Mysteries mission. This task is very simple, you only need to run a few times between WIZARD TOWER and VARROCK. After completion, you can dig ESS and do RUNECRAFT. RUNECRAFT is the best way to obtain the basic RS Gold in the future.

2: Complete Imp Catcher mission. This task is also very simple: use RS Gold to buy four-color Bread (you can also type Imp yourself) on the market. Upon completion, there is an 875 magic exp.

3: Complete Witch's Potion mission. This task is also a collection task: charred meat can be picked up at Lumbridge. After completion, you will get 325 magic exp.

4: Prepare enough AIR, (You can RUNECRAFT, you can also use the time difference to buy in the store.)

After completing the above, there are more than 10 levels of magic. At this time, we started to practice magic again. First of all, it should be clear that the following items must be equipped when practicing magic: AMMY OF MAGIC, WIZARD HAT, WIZARD ROBE, WIZARD SKIRT, AIR STUFF/FIRE STUFF, and the essential RS Gold.

In this way, you can see MAGIC: +25 in the character table. Now equipped with AIR STUFF, take MIND RUNES to play GOBLIN or COW with WIND STRIKE. Immediately MAGE LVL is 13.

At this time, FIRE STUFF was equipped, and FIRE STRIKE was used to go to the second-floor prison of White Knight Castle to play WHITE KNIGHT through the barbed wire. Soon, you will have a level 35.

After level 35, get ready for AIR and CHAOS RUNES, go to the 3rd floor of WIZARD TOWER and use FIREBOLT to play LESSER DEAMON. LESSER DEAMON will lose RS Gold (11K gold, don't sell it for RS Gold). Future magic will be slower (unless you have enough RS Gold).

While RUNECRAFT AIR, save CHAOS and DEATH. If you are a minor or a miner, getting RS Gold is easy, and NATURE/COMIC RUNES also needs a lot. There is a lot of experience in advanced spells like Alchemy, Undead Slayer, and Jewel Opening. While combining the experience of playing LESSER DEAMON, your magic will reach 59. At this time, you can use FIRE BLAST.Buy OSRS GP from rsgoldb2c is your best choice.

(OK, you can start the road of PK. When PK, pay attention to use Snare to fix the warrior first, then use FIRE BLAST to fight, then set, then fight)