​RuneScape manual and profitable experience

In the game RuneScape, everyone knows that picking cow hides in the east of the lumbridge river to pick up hides and go to the desert specialty store to sew leather jackets, I won’t say much here. Anyway, this method should be able to practice quickly Go to more than forty levels. The question is what to do after more than forty levels?

  If you are a non-member, it seems that there is no other way. Continue to pick up cowhide or spend OSRS GP to buy cowhide at a high price. Another way is to mine silver mines to make silverware. Practice slowly.

   If you are a member, picking cowhide to make silverware is a bit too slow. In fact, there is another way to make silverware faster than picking cowhide! That is to make glass. After all, glass is still worth a lot of RS Gold.

If your handiwork reaches level 46, and your magic exceeds level 56, then you can really earn a lot of runescape gold by hand. . .

The most ideal place for glass should be a ghost town (port phasmatys)! Of course, the prerequisite is that you should do the ghost ahoy task first. If you complete this task, then you can go in and out of the city gate yourself, not only will you get a flight to The ectophial of the ghost town, and you can also get some RS Gold to buy raw materials.

The galaxy's Milky Way and the big iron stove door to door are terribly convenient. It is definitely much closer than the distance between the big iron stove in the desert or F city and the RS Gold bank, so it is very convenient to use an iron stove. There is also a A good thing is that the grill is also next to the RS Gold bank. It is also very convenient for you to burn seaweed and soda ash.Buy OSRS GP from rsgoldb2c is your wise choice.

Burning glass may be a little annoying, one by one (one experience is 20 o'clock), but I think that these are runescape gold in the future, you should have no complaints. After the glass is burned, blow the orb, and soon, use the glassblow pipe to blow two at a time. Seventeen, and each one blows, the experience point is 52.5. When you manually reach the 49th level, brother, you should never blow the latter lens for the 2.5 points. You have to blow the orb all the time!