​Runescape's new changes--prehistoric biology and archaeology

In 2019, Jagex Studio released Runescape's highly anticipated "Expansion of Land beyond Time", an island full of prehistoric creatures on the island, available for hunting and killing. And a new professional skill, archaeology, was born. This is Runesscape's first new skill in the past four years. This is not something OSRS GP can buy!

Archaeology skills allow you to explore five excavation sites full of cultural relics and relics, and each place will give birth to new surprises. There is also a brand new storyline, featuring the world’s original creator-the elder god, let You experience the fun in addition to Daguai to earn RS Gold.

Before starting your archaeological journey, please go to the Harid-Ette Excavation website, where you receive your first Matttok-skill signing tool. Under Harid City, you find long-lost relics of God's War, including weapons and ancient magic, and perhaps some RS Gold.

Jaggers believes that it is important to create a new skill, which attracts both old players and new players. Can make the game fun no longer limited to Daguai to earn RS Gold,

Content developer Ryan Philport said: "We must keep in mind every player exploring this skill. "You will get a short lore instead of a dump of information that may overwhelm casual fans. Despite this, there are still many things to learn, and it is a lot of drip irrigation. In addition to "Summoning" (Summoning), which is tailored for a core, higher-level crowd, our archaeological rewards can be appreciated at any level, not just the usual RS Gold rewards.

Later, archaeologists faced ancient war forging sites. Here, you must spend enough RS Gold to purchase new equipment and reserve knowledge to reveal the secrets of Bandos and his many armies. You can help dig and use ancient summons to enslave demonic creatures.

If you are committed to archaeology, you can get an elite ski equipment, give you unlimited remote excavation sites and improve the success rate of excavation. The most important thing is that there is a cute new ski pet fainting.

Archaeology is to unite the community. A closed RS Gold economic system can ensure that all items are tradable, allowing players to work together to improve the level.

Experienced adventurers will team up with those new archaeological professions. This will provide powerful guidance for the tasks among the team members. At this time Runescape,

With new status lovers, valuable RS Gold wealth, and brilliant locations to explore,

The latest update of Rune Scape is not just a skill. The archaeology profession will provide you with an important advantage, which will be updated later this year, including the long-awaited elder warfare dungeon. Grab your equipment and dig. This war is going on, and let RSGOLDB2C provide a strong boost for your victory Buy OSRS GP.