​Vampire City's Expanding Impact on RuneScape World

One of the biggest features of the RuneScape game update this year is the emergence of the vampire city, which has a profound impact on the RuneScape world.Buy OSRS GP

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With the arrival of the vampire city of Duckmel, the world of RuneScape has expanded, although the surface looks like the vampire city of Darkmeyer,

Not so appealing, but it has allowed RuneScape's vast world to grow again.

In this update of RuneScape, appeared

A new mission called "Father's Sin", in the mission description, you can know that this is an opportunity to unlock the city gate of the vampire city of Darkmeyer. The reward of the mission is not limited to the regular RS Gold Rewards and the like. This mission claims to require only the bravest adventurer.

The main subject of the mission is a group of RS Gold-rich freedom fighters called Myreque. They are committed to liberating the swamp of Morytania from its terrible ruler Lord Drakan.

After entering the vampire city, RuneScape players will find a variety of new stores, you can use RS Gold to buy a lot of useful things, and some strange and amnesty orders, of course, there will be no shortage of enemies.

Mike Donatelli, OSR Product Director, said: "Myreque is a dramatic storyline that is close to the hearts of many players. This is not something that many RS Gold can get in exchange. This mission will be one of the oldest and longest mission series in the game. One, players have been appreciating the history of the game. Vampires and the elusive Lord Dracan. As always, we worked closely with the RuneScape community throughout Darkmeyer’s development process, with the support of more than 55,000 voting participants And received about 90% strong support."

In this mission of RuneScape, many new skills and methods have appeared, including Halloween graves, agility courses, and essence mines that can be exchanged for RS Gold. On the web, Runescape Mobile has been commented as "an excellent MMO that is as easy to use as your PC"

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