​RuneScape announces the latest expansion and league game mode

Recently, RuneScape has carried out a new round of updates. This update will enable the RuneScape world to expand tremendously, adding new cities and new plot missions, making the game more interesting and RSGOLDB2C rewards more abundant.

On Saturday, it was officially announced at RuneScape that PC and mobile MMORPG will update a batch of new content at the same time, hoping to get the players' favor. The expansion of the RuneScape world will open the door to Darkmeyer, the vampire city. In its dark and creepy alleys, players will find many new activities, new tasks, and advanced agility courses that can be used to test their courage. The purpose of this update is to make it easier for players to get RS Gold .

RuneScape will officially add the penultimate mission in the Myreque series "Father's Sin". This is a brand new plot with new skills, brand new equipment, and different previous RS Gold mission rewards. Players call it Ashima Nightmare.

After RSGOLDB2C's actual measurement, what the RuneScape update looks like is not a very interesting thing, it will make many novice players feel at a loss, and the previous strategy will also change greatly. In the RuneScape community, we also learned that

RuneScape is about to give birth to a new "League" game mode.

The first of these is the Twisted League, which will start soon. It has generous RS Gold rewards, encouraging players to solve challenging Ironman content on the Zeah continent.

One more item

The most important update is that this update of RuneScape has created a brand new team system, allowing up to 500 players to form a team, while progressing, competing with opponent teams for glory or RS Gold rewards, as well as arranging interesting activities at the same time Everyone in the team participates.

Unlike the past, RS Gold rewards are no longer the same as team egalitarianism in the past, but are distributed according to the contribution of the team, which will make RuneScape more interesting and humanized.You can buy Rs gold from