​RuneScape's latest update-Super Ranch and Dinosaur Farming

The RuneScape official recently announced that the studio has received a new round of feedback and suggestions from community players. In order to meet the game requirements of many players, the official will recently launch a large number of updates called "ranch timeout".you can buy Cheap RS3 Gold from

For RuneScape players, this will be exciting news. This update means that players will be allowed to own their own dinosaur farm, which will make the game more fun. At the same time, RuneScape also brings other new changes, such as "archaeology" skills and team formation of up to 500 people.

After this update, RuneScape players

You will be able to plant dinosaurs on the Anachronia dinosaur farm. After harvesting the dinosaurs, use the mysterious tree to transfer them to the pasture. In your personal ranch, you will be able to raise 14 different reptiles, and you can feed and breed many animals at the same time. In addition, after this update, the upper limit of farming skills will be increased from 99 to 120.

In addition, Manor Farm has also acquired a new agricultural association, where players can help beginners to emerge in the agricultural field. These actions to help others will improve the reputation of players in the community, and they can also upgrade some of their own ranch. This is not what ordinary RS Gold can buy. For more information about these new features, please Refer to RuneScape's update instructions for in-depth reading.

Farming skills are not the only skills in this update that will increase the upper limit. Herblore will also increase from 99 to 120. This will introduce players to 10 new potions with different effects, as well as other new expansion skills, including Weapon Poison +++ and Elder Overloads. In this way, in addition to making bombs, players can also use the Blessed Bottle, each of which can restore 500 prayer points, which will save players a lot of RS Gold.

For all the detailed information about this update and other added skills, players can find relevant instructions on the RuneScape website. Or, if players do not like reading text, they can also upgrade the video by watching the update released by Jagex. If you have a membership, you can experience it first through Google Play now,

Fun after the update of Runescape Mobile. If you are an iOS user, you have to wait a bit longer to own your own dinosaur farm.