​RuneScape appeared in prehistoric dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have been around in the RuneScape world for a long time, but today players who deeply research Gielinor will find a history that is clearly unexplored. In the course of this mission, dinosaurs introduced the concept of prehistoric, this is a Something more interesting than Buy RS3 Gold.

RuneScape added a new realm to the game in Land of Time and Space, an area that seems to have not caught up with the rest of the world. Players can put on your equipment and start exploring it now.

In the official trailer, RuneScape gave us a quick look at the destroyed lost ground, as well as its native residents and ferocious flora. It doesn't seem to be a particularly friendly place. Players will be led by Kerapec, the Dragon Dragon scientist, to go lively there, or harvest RS Gold, or lose their fate.

RuneScape's development company, Jagex, promises that for those adventurers who jump on a boat and venture into the unknown, there will be many rare tasks and many things to fight. Of course, opportunities and risks coexist , You will also receive a lot of RS Gold rewards.

In RuneScape, the hunting of the unknown world has completely transformed every player, and there is a new training method, that is to find 9 big dinosaurs, anger the dinosaurs, and then defeat them. Obviously this is impossible, just Use conventional methods to deal with them. If you are willing to spend a lot of RS Gold, it is still easy to kill these huge dinosaurs with a large number of traps.

Studio Jagex said: "The intent of the RuneScape game is to look at the various magical skills that players show when they fight, and introduce them into regular skills. When doing tasks, if the players win , You will get RuneScape's high-quality loot, leather that can be used to make new equipment, and various OSRS Gold rewards.

As for other skills, you will want to learn your agility to master the agile course, around the island, you can improve the killer by taking on eight new killer creatures, including dinosaurs and plant monsters.

Unusually, you will be able to harvest your fallen plant enemies to grow your own dinosaurs and train your own agricultural killer thugs.

Now members of RuneScape can use "Timeout", players can grab a ship at Digsite, or hit the Royal Messenger near the magnet to visit the new island.