​How did I accidentally become a Runescape coal tycoon, owning a lot of RS Gold

A readme from Matt Lee, a senior player from RuneScape. It was March 2002. My friend saw me from the window of our university computer room and asked me why I don’t go to the bar with other friends? I explained that I was playing a free fantasy MMO called Runescape. My friend is obviously not interested in low-resolution 3D games on the screen. But this game fascinated me deeply. My friends thought that I spent all my free time killing waves of magical monsters and getting bored RS Gold. It was meaningless, but They don't understand the fun this game brings me.You can Buy OSRS Gold from rsgoldb2c.

In the RuneScape game world, I run a coal mining enterprise. The massive RS Gold transactions every day make me immersed in the game world, and I cannot help myself.

At that time, everything achieved in the game seems impossible to complete today. In 2007, the developer of Runescape launched the Grand Exchange. In this market, players can easily buy and sell their goods at a fair and reasonable RS Gold price.

However, back in 2002, RuneScape is still a world dominated by rune landscapes. Outside of the game’s NPC store, buying and selling items usually depends on the player, standing on the street for a few hours of hawking. At that time, the way to earn RS Gold was very simple. RuneScape is a world full of opportunities, yet

I am not a person who is good at seizing opportunities. At the beginning, my selling reduced my RS Gold sharply.

My earliest obsession with Runescape started with my obsession with RS Gold. My brother started playing this game shortly after he first went online in 2001. At first I was happy to watch his gameplay, because he always wandered around in a muddy world.

Most of his explorations revolve around an area called "wilderness", which is an adventurous PvP area, especially deadly for low-level players who do not know the danger.

My brother explained that if you are quick, you can cross the border and grab some loot that others don’t want from the victim’s body. Although these accessories are very cheap, but the accumulation of less and more, you can also get a lot of RS Gold, he seems to enjoy playing the role of a professional vulture. I’m not interested in his way of making money.

By chance, I found that many people are in windmills most of the time. Later, I learned that they are making pastries, just picking up two freshly born cans from the kitchen floor. Then collect the grain from the outside, grind it in the mill to make flour, and then use clay to make a jar and fill it with water to turn the flour into cakes. After selling the cakes, players can get RS Gold.

After much inquiries from me, I also started to make pastries, until one afternoon, I had a whimsy, put the finished pastries into a jar with some berries or meat in it, and then put it in the oven, what a surprise It happened and I got a fruit pie. Many players are very interested in this colorful new school, and have bought one after another. I have obtained the first barrel of RS Gold in the RuneScape world. is a good choice.