​RuneScape's latest content update "Timeout Ranch" brings dinosaur farming and higher skills

RuneScape Mobile officially claims that it has received a lot of updated feedback content called "Ranch Timeout". Obviously this is a successful update, which has won the love of many players. In this update, some people have gained new skills, and some people have harvested countless RS3 Gold. In short, everyone is very satisfied.

After this exciting update, RuneScape will allow players to own their own dinosaur farm. Players can raise their own dinosaurs in their own farms. What a fun thing it is! RuneScape will no longer be limited to the usual Daguai upgrade, do tasks to earn RS Gold rewards, this single mode, patient players can get more fun that is usually difficult to experience.

This update of RuneScape, in addition to the birth of the dinosaur theme "Overtime Ranch", it also brought other new changes, including new skills and brand-new industry trade unions. Players will be able to plant dinosaurs on the Anachronia dinosaur farm. After they mature, they can use the mysterious tree to transfer them to their own private ranch. In the private ranch, if the players have enough RS Gold, they can raise up to 14 different reptiles. These animals can also breed with each other, giving birth to more powerful and valuable pasture animals.

This update of RuneScape has increased the maximum farming skill from 99 to 120.

In addition, a new agricultural association was born in Manor Farm. Players can help here. For beginners in the agricultural field, when the beginners complete agricultural tasks, the association will also give the leader a certain RS Gold reward. These The move will increase the reputation of the players in the community, and players can later upgrade some of their farms to get more interesting gameplay. For detailed information about these new features, you can go to RuneScape official detailed instructions to understand.You can Buy RS3 Gold from rsgoldb2c.