​"RuneScape" main station revised version RS fights "Jianghu"

The 3D web game "RuneScape" has many Chinese translations in the Chinese player circle, RS Rivers and Lakes, Rune World, Rune World, Rune Realm, Rune Field, Magic Frame, Rune Ode, Magic World, etc... This is a true JAVA online web game developed and produced by Jagex Ltd, the largest independent game development company in the United Kingdom. It has a high popularity among overseas players that is comparable to WOW. It is also used in mainland China and Hong Kong. These thousands of loyalty Players. Currently the game supports English, French, Spanish and Portuguese versions, there is no Chinese version yet.Buy Cheap RS3 Gold from rsgoldb2c.

   Recently, the official "RuneScape" officially announced the new revised game main station and brand new game LOGO image of RS (short for "RuneScape"). This new revision of the website not only brings more visual impact to gamers, but also adds more new content about RS web games. The game server retains the classic content of the original game, while strengthening the server performance, can support hundreds of millions of independent players online at the same time.

RuneScape is a MMORPG that has survived for 16 years in a free form. The game world can survive very few in this form. It is more than 3 years before World of Warcraft released by Blizzard in 2004. The same period of "Mario" and Halo's current performance is not bad, but they are supported by many sequels and expensive marketing expenses. However, the MMORPG game "RuneScape" survived for a long time through a free form focused on the community. This is an exciting role-playing mobile game. The game adopts a unique picture style. Players need to control the characters for an epic battle adventure, and engage in fierce battles with monsters to explore the unknown mysterious world.

Old School RuneScape mobile game version is also a pretty good mobile battle adventure game. The game continues on the PC side, the style is quite retro, with a strong fighting style of the last century, the fun gameplay and simple operation have made players like this game. If you want to experience the latest gameplay, download it now and try it out! RSGOLDB2C has ample RS Gold inventory of various Runescape games, with preferential prices, fast transactions and professional services. We are RS Gold played by 100% professional players. RSGOLDB2C is a good choice for RS3 Gold For Sale.