​RuneScape game features

1. RuneScape has a unique user intimate design.

  Don't underestimate this, in fact, it is often in the details that the intimacy of the game designer is highlighted, making the player more sticky. Its interface character design may not be favored by everyone, but its 3D design effect is very good, controlled by the up, down, left and right direction keys. If you are interested, you can try it. It feels very similar to Warcraft, except for the RS Gold trading system. RuneScape's background music has always been praised by players, and its instant map display makes you mistakenly think that you are playing online games, not just a page game.Buy OSRS Gold from rsgoldb2c is your best choice.

Second, RuneScape is to develop + level + magic system.

   RuneScape is based on the theme of the ancient medieval era. In addition to the main use of swords (Melee) and bows (Ranged), there are also magic and prayer, as well as constitution. Players in Runescape rely mainly on melee, and others are assisted. In addition to fighting, Runescape also has other skills, mainly used to make objects in exchange for RS Gold, such as smithing (mainly used to manufacture metal products), crafting (manufacturing clothes, clay-made things, jewelry, etc., there are more in the paid member version In this regard), mining (mining is closely related to smithing), cooking (cooking, used to make food, the higher the level, the more types of food can be made). In Runescape, food is used to "make up" life points after injury (life points are constitution multiplied by 10). Fishing is one of the main sources of food. Because fish must be cooked before it can be eaten, it is closely related to cooking. Woodcutting and fire making are relatively auxiliary skills. Woodcutting is more important in the paid membership version because there are many special trees, which are useless for free members.

   Skills only available to paid members: Agility (Agility) allows players to pass through areas that would otherwise not be possible. The herblore (making potions) is to create some potions to temporarily enhance the player's combat effectiveness. Related to herblore is farming, which allows players to grow and pick their own vegetables and herbs. Fletching is the technique of making bows and arrows. Although in the free version, players can also use bows and arrows, but in the paid member version, bows and arrows have more styles. There is also summoning, which can summon monsters in another world, each with its own special skills. Slayer (slaughter) is used to kill some special monsters, so as to get precious items or props. Since construction, players can build their own homes, but this skill is considered to be one of the most valuable RS Gold in the game. Hunter (hunting), as the name suggests, is used to not catch monsters, some can become their pets with summoning skills, and some will give you props and so on. The last one is thieving. In addition to stealing things, it can also be used to lift traps and open locked doors.

  3. It has a powerful buddy system.

   Maybe RuneScape is not the same as the friend system that everyone thinks. When you enter, you can be randomly assigned to a server that is more conducive to your game speed. Maybe you are in Canada today and tomorrow in the UK. But no matter which server you log in from, the friend system is displayed. You can add friends to players on any of its 171 servers, including the member server and the FunOrb series, both owned by Jagex.

Fourth, it has a vivid expression system.

   In my opinion, its expression system is comparable to that of World of Warcraft, and there are certain conditions that need to be specified to enable it.

5. It has The Grand Exchange commodity consignment system.

   The Grand Exchange is a newly opened independent trading RS Gold system for games. It can be used by both members and non-members. The key point is that it connects to all servers, and you can do transactions with 10,000 people at the same time. This system is similar to the stock trading system. All buyers and sellers do not need to meet. All transactions are automatically completed. The commodity price fluctuates with RS Gold. Once the transaction is completed, there is no regret.Buy Cheap OSRS Gold from rsgoldb2c.