​RuneScape rivers and lakes are popular in North America and selected as Yahoo's top ten keywords of the year

A large-scale online multiplayer online game titled "Jianghu" in Chinese is popular in North America. The English name "RuneScape" is ranked 7th on Yahoo's top ten keywords this year.

The RuneScape game is in English and has a small number of players in China. There is currently no Chinese version. According to the official website, the game has 119,767 online players today. According to the third quarter earnings report of the domestic game company Giant Network, the average number of simultaneous online players in the third quarter of "Journey Online" was 481,000.You can buy Cheap OSRS Gold from rsgoldb2c.

"Jianghu" RuneScape is a real online game, you need to register as a free or paid member, each character here is a real person. In this medieval river and lake, you can choose to be a samurai, archer, or magician; you can also choose to be a cook, carpenter, or smelter. In the game you will see dwarves, giants, wizards, monks, savages, pirates, corpses, lizardmen, monsters, demons, and different animals (from mice to dragons). There are 51 kinds of attack magic, 15 kinds of protection magic, 50 customs clearance questions, 5 cities, 1 barren continent and countless underground castles, plus a huge RS Gold trading system, which constitutes the whole river and lake.

RuneScape's skills are a major feature of the game. A variety of skills lead players' game life: from power combat skills and magic, cooking skills and Woodcutting skills, Fletching and Runecrafting, and many other skills. Many players choose to specialize in one skill, because a single superb skill is more beneficial to players to earn the game currency RS Gold. 

In the RuneScape game, search skills are a problem-solving skill. With the RS Gold rewards for many tasks, the higher the level, the stronger the problem-solving ability. It is an indicator of the players’ knowledge and perseverance. At first, players will feel very simple when using this skill. Some of the simplest tasks may be completed within an hour, but the search is quite generous and spans the huge RuneScape world, and it is very powerless. RS Gold The importance of this is drawn, which may also be an official setting.

Searching may be one of the most valuable things in your mission to RuneScape. When the official encourages players to travel and meet new friends, using this search skill may not be useful, but when the official channel closes this task, it is recommended. When recommending with the system, the skills of players to find tasks are very important. When many players of RS Gold perform tasks, they will be as simple as baking cakes and can solve various complex events.OSRS Gold For Sale from rsgoldb2c is your best choice.

RuneScape expands and constantly improves. In addition to the free version, players can subscribe to this update notification. Players can enjoy new searches, minigames, regions, and various new skills. They often increase competition with each other, team up to earn RS Gold, and so on.