​Here, young people play RuneScape 14 hours a day to support their families

To make money by playing online games, to put it simply, is to pick up equipment and exchange game currency in online games. Then use these game coins in exchange for real-world currencies. In a normal country, this way of making money is very unreliable: because it takes you a long time to earn a small amount. And the process of making money is very boring, far less reliable than working in a convenience store. However, Venezuela’s special circumstances have made online games very profitable: players who buy game currency online often come from developed countries in Europe and America. For these players, one dollar is estimated to be nothing, but for a Venezuelan family, one dollar may be a day’s food.

At first, these Venezuelan teenagers tried many online games: World of Warcraft, EVE, etc... But after a period of groping, they found a game that is best for money: RuneScape.You can buy Old School Runescape Gold from rsgoldb2c.

  Runescape is a huge game. It has been in operation for almost 20 years since it was opened in 2001. Because Runescape is an ancient online game, it does not have high requirements on the computer, basically you can play with a computer. This gave Venezuelans who were stretched out a chance. Due to the relatively long operating time of the game, the RS Gold economic system in the game has been very stable. Yes, online games also have their own economic system:

  Monster generation is equivalent to a mint; players defeat monsters to obtain resources and RS Gold money; then spend on equipment and upgrades. Players can freely trade between players, forming a free market and pricing various materials in the game. In the whole process, the game company plays the role of a central bank, adjusting inflation by controlling the number of monsters and dropping supplies. Considering that RS Gold can be exchanged for real money, this economy also has a currency exchange center.

  The annual exchange rate is 1 million RS Gold game currency can be exchanged for 1 US dollar. Of course, this is a black market price, the game official is not allowed to buy and sell RS Gold game coins in private. The construction of the online game's financial system is actually a very interesting topic. In short, the game of Runescape, because of the excellent economic system, makes its currency very stable, even more stable than the legal currency of Venezuela.Buy OSRS GP from rsgoldb2c fast.