​Popular rpg mobile version "Old School RuneScape" is online

  RuneScape is the largest web game in Europe and America, with 20 years of IP accumulation, unique technical strength, stable users and profitable scale. The RuneScape series of games has been released for more than 440 million registered users since 2001 and has accumulated more than 1.4 billion US dollars in cumulative revenue. It has a RS Gold trading system comparable to the real world and has won the Guinness World Record. The "large-scale multiplayer online game or large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game with the longest cumulative game time" and "large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game with the most updates" are comparable to the game IP of "World of Warcraft" in Europe and the United States.You can buy OSRS Gold from

  British Jagex announced that its MMORPG mobile game "Old School RuneScape" has been launched on the App Store / Google Play platform globally! "Old School RuneScape" is a mobile version based on the online game "RuneScape" launched in 2001. , "RuneScape" is very popular in Europe and the United States. In 2008, it won the Guinness World Record for the online MMORPG game with the largest total number of players. The number of global players during the peak of the game is as high as 90 million, and the daily RS Gold trading currency in the game is as high as One hundred billion level.

"Old School RuneScape" improves the game quality of "RuneScape" on the PC platform, and adds many new content, such as new maps, tasks, skills, RS Gold, etc. Operational adjustments are made for the mobile version, allowing players to experience the diverse charm of this game.Buy Old School RuneScape recommend