​Brief introduction to the characteristics of the classic game "Old School Runescape"

  "Old School Runescape" tells about what happened in the world of rivers and lakes~ In the game, through personal challenges to get glory, players get some skills through RS Gold to start an adventure anywhere. Interested players come and download the experience now!


"Old School Runescape" profile, since RuneScape was released in 2001, the world's largest and most popular MMORPG, Old School RuneScape has more than 260 million players participated. Old School RuneScape combines the complex mechanics of modern MMO games with the nostalgic point-and-click games of early role-playing games, combined with the RS Gold financial trading system that was born out of reality, so that players can't be relieved for a long time.

   Choose your own way. Play as a lonely adventurer, seek glory through personal challenges, or leave your mark in the game with other heroes. With 23 mastered skills, hundreds of challenging tasks, and countless game task RS Gold rewards, "Old School Runescape" will challenge everyone.

  "It's still one of the best and largest sandbox MMOs, and it gets better with age. There is no other similar thing."-PC gamers

  Features of "Old School Runescape"-an epic battle, players battle through two extraordinary attacks: Xeric Chambers and Blood Theater, undead dragons, volcanic monsters and tyrannical vampyres, etc., the end of the world , All challengers, see the huge RS Gold treasure.

   With hundreds of missions, many of the rich missions of "Old School Runescape" combine epic puzzles and fascinating narratives with nostalgic humor in point-and-click adventures. Rediscover the secrets of rune magic, uncover the mystery behind West Ardougne’s devastating plague, or use only a little RS Gold to help Yanni Sallika...

   Cross-platform games, through innovative cross-platform mobile games, RuneScape players can take risks anywhere, which is truly revolutionary in MMORPG. Whether you use a mobile device or a desktop device, you will use the same account in the same game world, inherit all your skills, equipment, RS Gold and so on.

   RuneScape players can explore Gielinor and be the first to cross the fossil island and uncover its lost history. Paint the tropical areas of the Karamjan jungle and contribute your bravery to the barren desert of the Kharidian desert. This will give you endless RS Gold.

   A thriving community, "Old School Runescape" is a community game where players can join thousands of player-run tribes, groups, and alliances to defeat opponents with them, kill other players, or master different skills for more Runescape Gold.