​Important resource gathering skills in RuneScape


  RuneScape (referred to as RS) is a large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game produced by the game company Jagex Games Studio. The game is second only to World of Warcraft in the world, and has won the Guinness Book of Records "The Most Popular Free MMORPG Game". The game has always been famous for its rich plot, huge trading system, playability and flexibility. It does not currently have a Chinese version, but there are English, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese versions. There are currently fewer players in China. The game does not require a client, but Java is required to run. You can buy RS3 Gold from rsgoldb2c. There are some important resource collection skills in RuneScape, as follows:

Fishing: You can fish at the designated water. Most of them are used as food to supplement health after cooking. They can be used to replenish energy after battle. You can also trade excess food to obtain RS Gold.

Mining: Mining different ores from specific veins, the RS Gold value of each ore is different.

Woodcutting: There are a large number of trees in RuneScape, which can be felled with an axe, used for firing and building houses and making arrows.

Farming: Players can plant in designated farmland, and the planted can be used as food or medicinal materials, which are very direct resources. In the trading market, RS Gold is quickly obtained.

Thieving: Thieves such as RS Gold can be seized from trading booths or NPC characters. You can also pick the lock.

Divination: The name of the skill originally meant divination. In the game, it refers to the skill of collecting the energy of the gods left after the death of Guthix, the god of balance and nature.

 The creator of RuneScape promises that regardless of the player’s interest, their game can provide something suitable for everyone. Characters can participate in fishing, crafting, cooking and farming and many other tasks. In a Tolkien-style environment, use your own resources or RS Gold to build and maintain your own house.recommend rsgoldb2c Buy RS3 Gold.