​The most profitable processing skills in RuneScape


  RuneScape (Runescape) is a very fun European and American style rpg game. The style is very similar to several big-name European and American games. The playing methods of the screen and so on are also similar. RuneScape is considered to be the most popular and popular among them. One of the virtual worlds, located in the fantasy world, has millions of players worldwide.You can buy OSRS Gold from rsgoldb2c. Players summarized the most profitable processing skills in RuneScape, as follows:

Cooking: This is the skill of making food. The higher the skill, the more advanced food you can cook, and you can get more RS Gold in the trading market, or reduce the chance of scorching. There are meat, pasta, drinks, etc.

Crafting: including sewing, cutting, making diamonds, glassware, etc., is a skill that can be used to earn RS Gold through substitute processing.

Firemaking: Tinderbox and wood can be used to make fire. Mainly used for cooking, paid members can also light oil lamps, torches, etc., as a light to explore in the dark cave. It can also cremate special remains to obtain RS Gold rewards for undead. Can shoot more. After reaching a certain level, you can get an axe for mining and logging.

Runecrafting: Bring Rune Essence to a specific altar, and then use a specific Talisman to make it into a corresponding runestone. The Rune Mysteries mission can be opened. There is no need to complete missions and magical compasses in cave exploration skills.

Forging (Smithing): This method uses the ore you dug from the ore veins, after smelting (smelt) it becomes a metal block, and then uses the metal block on the anvil (anvil), and requires a hammer (hammer) ) In the player's inventory. In Free Player (F2P) this skill can earn RS Gold, but it takes a short period of time to practice.

Fletching: Can make bows or arrows, darts. Spin the flax into a bow string (abbreviated as bs), and use a knife on different logs, and finally use the bow string on the unfinished bow and you are done.

Herbal medicine (Herblore): This is caused by some plants. The medicine can temporarily enhance certain skills of the player. It is a very popular thing in the trading market. It can usually be sold for a high RS Gold.Buy OSRS Gold from rsgoldb2c.