​Some independent comprehensive skill inventory in RuneScape

Agility: This skill takes a short time and uses shortcuts to go a long way. Players can use this skill to climb through small holes, jump over rivers, cliffs, etc. The higher the agility level, the more shortcuts you can use, and the faster access to running energy. You can also go to some places that you couldn't.You can buy rs3 gold from

Construction: Players can use this skill to design their own house with enough RS Gold and resources. The house can invite other players to enter. The higher the skill level, the more facilities can be built.

Slayer: require designated automatic players (NPC) to give special slaughter missions, slaughter a specified number of monsters and beasts, and get RS Gold rewards and experience points. Increasing the slaughter level can kill some more advanced monsters, some of which have a good RS Gold reward.

Hunting: Use designated equipment to catch designated wild animals. If you use Butterfly net to capture butterflies, and catch some rare animals, it will be worth a lot of RS Gold.

The following comprehensive skills need to be relatively high in all aspects, otherwise they cannot be well practiced.

Dungeoneering: It is equivalent to a copy. Use all the above skills to survive, solve puzzles, explore, and kill monsters in the demon dungeon, and finally fight the boss (boss). Improve this skill can also use some advanced weapons and armor. The upper limit is 120.

The upper limit of each skill level is similar to most online games, at level 99. When the player's skill reaches this level, members can use 99,000 RS Gold coins to buy the cloak of the corresponding technology to prove the achievement of this technology, namely the cape of achievement, also known as skill cape. Zezima is the first player to be qualified to wear a cloak of all skills.

In October 2007, Jagex added a player help system in terms of technology. Players with a low level in a certain technology can apply for help from players with a high level. Players with a low technical level during the help process can use the opponent's technology to make items, and players who give help receive the corresponding experience points and RS Gold. One is to reduce the scammers who use technology to defraud trust, because there is no need to give the unprocessed items to people with higher ranks, there will be no scammers who will not return the items; second, to reduce the difficulty of cooperation.

Experience value: Basically, each time a player performs a skill-related behavior, the experience value of the skill will increase. The level of experience value can affect the skill level and the player's authority. The minimum experience of each skill is 0, and the maximum is 200,000,000. After all 26 skills are completed, the total experience is 5,200,000,000. If you don’t have enough skills, you need to spend RS3 Gold to upgrade.