​Mission achievements in the RuneScape game

  The tasks in the RuneScape game are not the same as the tasks that everyone plays in domestic online games. It is not "killing XXX enemies". Even if it is a task, it takes 20 minutes to talk about a task, and each task has a relatively independent plot. . The plots of some tasks constitute the story line. The tasks on this story line are called a series of tasks, and the story lines composed of these tasks are called the Quest Series (Quest Series, such as the story line composed of Cold War and Hunt For Red Raktuber). This is the Penguin Quest Series, so these two tasks are called a series of tasks).Buy RS3 Gold from rsgoldb2c.

  Ordinary players have fewer tasks and many members. All the tasks are very interesting. There are some tasks that need to complete interesting puzzles. For example, Swept away is composed entirely of 3 puzzles. For example, Ernest the Chicken takes the oil pot. There are still tasks that require skillful conversation about technology. Some tasks require a lot of errands or kill a target. The lower left is the part of the first Grandmaster mission "While Guthix Sleeps" and the "Balance Elemental". The lower right is the classic mission "World Awakening" ( The World Wakes) screenshot. Many players like to do quests, they are called Questers.

  After the RuneScape task is completed, you can get RS Gold rewards and task points. Increasing the number of task points can complete more difficult tasks. After completing all quests, you can go to Draynor Village to find the Wise old man, and use RS Gold to purchase Quest Points cape to prove that you have completed all the quests. After earning 300 task points, you can go to Lumbridge to find Xenia to get a Helmet of trials to prove that you are a person who has done a lot of tasks. After completing a certain number of designated missions, you can enter a giant tower named Dominion Tower in the desert, where you can review and re-kill the boss that you had killed in the mission.

  "Compass icon" refers to a type of activity in the game that uses a compass as a logo, including blue icons (tasks), green icons (achievement diaries), red icons (mini games), and yellow icons (D&D).

  Achievement Diary is Achievement Diary, and it is changed to Tasks System after update. It refers to knowing the tasks there in the designated place, but there are level requirements for life skills, so in more cases, the leveling time will exceed the time for diary. Completing the achievement diary will not earn mission points, but will receive some other RS Gold rewards. Non-members only have Lumbridge's achievement journal, while members have more Cheap RS3 Gold to choose from.