​RuneScape's game world composition

  The world of RuneScape is called Gielinor. It was a blank at first. It was transformed by Guthix, the god of balance and nature, to breed everything. After another five centuries, Gu Hicks was killed at the end of the fifth epoch, and a new era of the game began, that is, the game is the sixth epoch. Gerinno is composed of countries and regions such as Misthalin, Asgarnia, Kandarin and Morytania.RS3 Gold For Sale from rsgoldb2c.

  The RuneScape map view opens near the radar in the upper right corner of RS. There are various large and small cities, various shops, underground caves, and work places. The colors are very bright and very beautiful. See the legend for the small signs on the map. The legend can be seen at the "?" in the lower left corner, which can be understood by people with average English skills. The map can also be dragged left and right. In the options below, you can selectively see small maps such as caves.

There are some interesting names in urban and rural areas

City: From Lumbridge to Tree gnome's stronghold.

Big cities: Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, Catherby, Seer's Village...

 The wilderness is the wilderness area north of the non-member cities. The color is black, which is very dangerous. Players can play against them (PK) at will, and those who like to fight are called PKers. Death in the wild will lose all items, including RS Gold. There are also concentrated monsters. There are many ghosts in a cave in the wild. The ghosts are characterized by a lot of blood and are easy to return to blood. But the RS Gold reward for killing monsters in the wild is very rich, and there are some precious items. There are sometimes good RS Gold rewards for killing ghosts. To enter the wild, just jump over a broken wall in the northernmost part of the city. It was green when it first entered and it became darker and darker behind. Entering the wild, there will be a skull logo in the upper right corner of the screen, with the death level written below. Players can only fight monsters whose difference between the battle level of the monster and their battle level is less than the death level at that time.

RuneScape is based on the original world "Gielinor" (Gielinor). Players will act as adventurers, explore adventures in this world, complete missions, and trade PK and RS Gold with other players.recomend