​Battle camp and death consequences in RuneScape

  There are many gods in the RuneScape game, players can join a certain god's camp through God Emissaries.Buy OSRS Gold from rsgoldb2c.

   In addition to the most powerful Elder Gods, the three main gods in the game are Guthix, the god of balance and nature, killed in the mission The World Wakes, thus opening the sixth game Ji), Saradomin, the god of order, and Zamorak, the god of chaos. Other gods include the god of battle Bandos, the god of control and destiny, Zaros (known as Ancient in the game), the god of law and justice, Armadyl, and the god of gods. Seren, the god in the Menaphite Pantheon in the desert, including Tumeken, and various gods he created, such as the god of destruction Amascut and the god of fertility Elidinis, etc. , Monkey Immortal on the Monkey Island (Marimbo), the god of earth in the temple of Shades of Mor'ton, Brassica Prime, the god of cabbage, and a unique god believed by the indigenous people on Karamja Island.

  In addition to the gods, there is a special camp called The Godless, which is intended to help fulfill Hicks’s last wish, that is, do not let God exist in this world. The ancient Hicks killer Sliske (Sliske) may also become a new god, but there is no conclusive evidence.

  Only eight camps can join, namely Saratomin, Zamorak, Bandou, Zalos, West Cloud, Amadele, Godless and Slisco.

  In terms of two players playing against each other, players can go to the field to play against each other. There is also a "High-Risk Wilderness World" server, in which the server will have higher risks in the wild.

  In addition to going wild, you can play against other players through desert duels, Clan Wars, etc.

  Players will lose some items, including RS Gold, after they die in the game. At this time, the player can retrieve the lost items through the grave, but the grave will break within the specified time. When the grave is half broken, others can repair the grave for you To extend the life of the grave. So hurry up. If the item is not recovered before the grave is broken, the item including RS Gold will never be recovered. After completing the ghost mission that cannot rest, you can go to Lumbridge Church to upgrade the tomb.

  The more expensive tombs have a longer storage time, the same tombs with the same RS Gold price have the same storage time (except for the death time of the death angel and the royal dwarf, the royal dwarf is longer, but the demand is more difficult to meet). In addition, in places such as the Desert Duel Field or Clan Wars, there is a mode of not losing items after death. In this mode, death will not lose items.Recommend rsgoldb2c Buy OSRS Gold.