​RuneScape game tries to launch a sister chapter

  "Runescape" is a veteran 3D role-playing page game, which has attracted a large number of people overseas with its beautiful graphics and excellent playability. It can be said to be a landmark work in the history of web games.You can buy Cheap OSRS Gold from rsgoldb2c.


  "Runescape" is defined as a free multiplayer adventure 3D online game, which is the popular graphics Mud. In the game, players have to kill monsters, complete tasks, and obtain treasures to get the final victory. Players can communicate and trade with other players, and can unite with them to fight against powerful BOSS.


  The high-resolution version of "RuneScape" is also officially open to all gamers. Both paying players and free players can now experience the excellent picture quality of this classic adventure 3D online game. However, one thing to note is that free players cannot use the full-screen function. In addition, free players enjoy the same treatment as paid players. The official said that it is actively studying the opening of this feature to all players, and will make a notice later

   In addition, there are also new features such as storage function updates and item lending. In terms of storage, players are provided with up to 8 windows and search functions, so that players can find the items they need more easily. The item lending function provides players with another way to help friends. Players can lend to friends the things they don’t need temporarily, including top-level weapons and equipment, excluding RS Gold.

  Jagex, the developer of "Runescape", is currently developing a new large-scale online game, which was released in March 2009.

  The development of this game was announced by the company's CEO Geoff Iddison at a forum at an industry conference. The name of the game has not been announced yet. Iddison called it "Nextscape" and stated that the game will continue the parallel mode of "Runescape" commercial transactions and fees to attract players' participation.

  Although Jagex has successfully operated "Runescape" since 2001, which is updated almost every other week, Iddison said that the value of Jagex does not lie in its products, but in its structure.

 "Behind "Runescape", there is a system that supports it. This is the real value of Jagex, not the game. Games have always come and go.

  The system is something that can really be improved. "Runescape" has 10 years of good growth experience, and the company's system is constantly optimized. "Although Jagex has 400 employees at its UK headquarters, only 25% are engaged in development work. Half of the employees focus on game content and support, and the rest serve the company's system.OSRS Gold For Sale from rsgoldb2c is a good choice.