​RuneScape graphics engine upgrade

 "Runescape" has carried out a large-scale upgrade of several key elements of its game engine, including the RuneTek 5 screen upgrade announced by the developer on its blog last week, and several important parts of the game server and RuneScript system.You can buy Old School Runescape Gold from rsgoldb2c.

  The picture engine upgrade has made a comprehensive improvement to the "standard picture effect (SD)" mode, such as a resizable window (for everyone), a full screen (only for members) mode, and some other optional new features, including:

· Long-distance cloud effect and sky color

·Road smoothing effect

·Underwater visibility

In the "HD" mode, shadow effects are added to each world scene and the minimap is improved. You will be pleased to find that this upgrade has also fixed several long-standing BUGs, including:

In areas with heavy server load (such as "large RS Gold transactions"), you may accidentally click the mouse and cause unnecessary operations;

Some graphics cards do not support the progress bar on the "Large RS Gold Transaction" interface.

 One of the new features of this new engine is the "inductive mouse pointer". If you enable this function in the "Game Options" menu, your mouse pointer will turn into a corresponding icon when it points to any object, place or NPC. For example: when you point to "open the door", the mouse pointer will turn into an icon of a door gradually opening. However, not all objects currently have corresponding icons, but we hope to add more icons in the near future.

 The "Special Attacks" bar on the battle interface now also displays the percentage of special attack energy you have left.

  RuneScape also made changes to the "Select Game World" page. First of all, you will find that we have deleted some information to make the page look more concise. The two items "Quick Chat" and "PvP" have also been moved to the more commonly used "Activity/Location" column. If the selected game world has no theme, then the column will now only display a flag and country, and we also provide a RuneScape flag for the latter. On the right hand side, you will also see a "Ping" column, which shows the response time between you and the server-the shorter the response time, the better, so this entry can also help you find a lag-free game world around you . Note that if your previous selection contains some options that we have now removed, some of your parameters may be changed. As long as you make a new selection, the information will be automatically saved to the next time.

  The game world with the theme of "dispatching an army" is now divided into two types: 1, a group of 4 games; 2, a group of 20 games. You can visit the "Themed Worlds" page to view the number of players required to start the game in each themed world.recommend rsgoldb2c buy OSRS GP.