​Weapon of players in RuneScape game

 "RuneScape" is a massively multiplayer online role-playing online game similar to World of Warcraft. The game is developed and produced by Jagex Games Studio. Its game scale is second only to World of Warcraft, although many Chinese The game is still very new, but "RuneScape" has won the Guinness World Records for "the most popular free MMORPG game."recommend buy RS Gold.


There are different weapons in the RuneScape game, such as scimitars, daggers, great swords, bows, crossbows, long swords, magic wands, throwing knives, whips, etc., all of which can be purchased or upgraded with different values of RS Gold.

  Different weapons have different attack methods and different effects. For example, "stabbing" can be applied to scimitars and swords, but for scimitars, "stabbing" will result in an even distribution of strength and criterion. Balanced attack effect, and the resulting experience value will be evenly distributed to the four component skills of the fighting skill level (that is, attack, defense, strength, and health are each allocated 25% of the experience value). For swords, "stoke" "Will result in a destructive attack effect that is more focused on strength, and 80% of the obtained experience value will be allocated to the "strength" skill, and the rest will be allocated to the "health" skill.

  RuneScape does not necessarily have the same attack action for different weapons. For example, scimitars and swords have attack methods, which will cause a more accurate attack effect based on the standard line, and the obtained experience value is 80% Will be assigned to the "attack" skill, and the rest will be assigned to the "health" skill, but the scimitar type is "chop", and the sword type is "insert".

  There are very few MMOs with a life span of more than ten years in the world, and "Runescape" is the best among them. The original work first landed on the PC platform (and a web game) in 2001 and achieved great commercial success. It is said that the scale of the map is second only to "World of Warcraft".

   In the "RuneScape" game, there are a total of 27 skills, including the player's life, power, magic, and agility. These basic attributes are all a skill. Many of these skills require different weapons to play a better role.

RuneScape players do not have specific character levels in the game, nor do they have weapons, but each skill and each weapon has a separate level, and there are many ways to upgrade these skills and weapons. RS Gold is even more difficult to upgrade. An indispensable rs gold from