​Interesting places in RuneScape gameplay

  In the "RuneScape" game, there are a total of 27 skills, including the player's life, power, magic, and agility. These basic attributes are all a skill.Buy Runescape Gold from rsgoldb2c is a good choice.


Players have no specific character level in the game, but each skill has a separate level, and there are many ways to upgrade these skills.

For example, if a player gets hit more, his life level can be increased, more mobs can be slashed, his strength level can be increased, more logs can be increased his gathering level, more cooking can increase his cooking level...

  The elements of development are very free to play, and almost every action of the player in the game world will enhance their skill level. The effect of character development is very obvious, and the sense of accomplishment given to the player is quite sufficient.

   The battle in the game is semi-real-time, and the player clicks on the enemy to automatically fight. In addition to using ordinary weapons to hack monsters, players can also use magic, or weapons such as bows, darts, and throwing knives for remote output.

  A triangle restraint system is designed in the RuneScape game. Close combat can restrain long-range, long-range magic, and magic restrain melee. Because it is set in the game that players can switch their weapons and equipment at will, the battle process in the game is also very flexible and not single.

  As an MMORPG, "RuneScape" has a very complete gameplay. PVP battles, PVE copies, trading systems, social systems, mini games, and camp battles, etc. This web game has fully reached the end-game level in terms of gameplay, and even has many unique gameplay systems of its own.

   On February 28, 2012, the roulette lottery function was added to the "RuneScape" game. On April 2 of the same year, the micro-transaction mode was officially introduced in the game. Of course, the micro-transaction caused extreme dissatisfaction and protests from players. However, under various controversies, the official continued to launch a game currency "RS Gold" that needs to be exchanged for money to allow players to buy decorations in the game.

  Until the last official introduced the rule of getting "RuneCoins" for free by watching ads, it made the players' protests less. The interest of RS Gold has been greatly increased.recommend rsgoldb2c Buy RS Gold.