​Players' attitudes towards "golden farmers" in RuneScape

 "Runescape" is a fantasy MMORPG released by Jagex. The game screen looks outdated, but its requirements for computer hardware configuration are very low. This means that many poor Venezuelans can play "Runescape" and use the RS in the game. Gold coins are exchanged for real currencies. The so-called "gold" refers to earning virtual currency RS Gold or other items in a game, and then using them in exchange for real money.Buy RS3 Gold from rsgoldb2c.

  More and more Venezuelans are aware of the benefits of playing gold. Earlier this year, a local newspaper published an article describing the gold mining process. According to "Runescape" players, they often see groups of "RS Gold farmers" (RS Gold farmers) gathering in places such as Blast Mine and East Dragons. The relationship between players and goldsmiths has become tense. They often ask Jagex to ban all goldsmiths. Some players even wrote a guide to teach other players how to hunt down, kill and insult the goldsmiths in the game. Character.

 Some players believe that because gold farmers break the rules and disrupt the game's RS Gold economy, no matter what punishment they receive, they deserve it. The players don't seem to sympathize with their experience. "It broke the game economy and broke the rules." One player wrote, "I understand Venezuela is in trouble, but compared to gold, they can spend time doing better things, such as learning some new knowledge. And work hard to help the country get out of the predicament."

  In any case, "Runescape" developer Jagex needs to maintain the health of the game. "Gold farmers (no matter where they come from) will indeed mess up the game RS Gold economy; if not contained, they will even ruin the game." Jagex senior product manager Matthew Kemp told me in an email, "very It is difficult to quantify their impact with a single number, but we can see that when gold farmers focus on certain items, the trading price of RS Gold in the game will change."

  Kemp pointed out that in this year, the price of an item called "Wine of Zamorak" (which can help players gain experience faster) dropped from nearly 3000RS Gold to 1500RS Gold, and the chain effect that followed was: Used by a large number of players, the difficulty of the game has dropped a lot.

 "For players, challenge is a very important element in the nostalgic version of Runescape." According to Kemp, Jagex bans "approximately 10,000" accounts related to RS Gold's trading every day.recommend Buy RS3 Gold from rsgoldb2c.