​RuneScape is a free and continuously popular MMO

RuneScape has been released for more than 16 years (released in January 2001). It is a very classic free online game. Players can explore in the fantasy world and can choose different versions of the game according to their preferences. Very interesting thing.

Jagex released Old School Runescape in 2007, which is a way to make nostalgic players like it and attract new players at the same time. The MMORPG game RuneScape has survived the long years through a free format focused on the community. Players can choose to fight monsters, play missions to obtain OSRS Gold and other equipment, or spend time with friends.

RuneScape has gone through three stages. Before the emergence of social networks, RuneScape combines the in-depth RPG system and world-building gameplay with social factors, so the game has attracted a large number of users. Players are used to fighting monsters and leveling up with friends in RuneScape. This is not just playing games, but also the memory of an era.

RuneScape is different from other games in that it can persist in innovation, and always put the player's feelings first, allowing players to participate in the design of the game. They can discuss the content, methods, and experience of the game together. This is what makes users feel involved.

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