After many years, why do people still like Runescape?

As a very classic game, RuneScape attracts players from all over the world. Role-playing games will definitely bring players a medieval role. With the power conferred by the role, you can do almost anything in the game. Many games will be gradually forgotten after a few years of popularity, but why is Runescape so popular?

1. Feelings

For some people, classic things can never be replaced. Similarly, the same is true for games, Runescape is considered a classic representative work of that era. These games have given them too many and too many memories, which are closely intertwined with their youth. This is something that no game can bring to them now. Perhaps many of the current games are a hundred times more fun than the legends, but the Runescape of that year can give these old players an unforgettable memory.

2. Habit

The old players have played the old game for more than ten years, and the technology has already been perfected. Is there any reason to be a little rookie who has been abused in the new game? With the development of the Internet, it is becoming easier for people to find more people with similar interests. Games are entertainment for young people. Those who are a little bit older are no longer willing to learn a new game from scratch. Therefore, when they want to entertain themselves while sitting at the computer, the first thing they think of is not "what games are the most popular now" or "what games are the most fun now". Their top priority is often the game that is the deepest in their memory because the burden of family and career has made them unable to bear such high learning costs.

3. Passion

Many times online games are played with passion between people. Where does the passion for Runescape come from? A large part is PK bursting. Players can rob other players' equipment by PK explosion. The fighting between people and even groups caused by PK explosions and interest struggles is the essence of Runescape's passion and fun. This kind of unreserved PK explosion can only be maximized and restored in the Runescape game. It is inappropriate to copy it mechanically.

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