​Runescape, my game years

Games have become a part of my life, but as the years have passed and I've played countless games,  is worth staying with. it is one of the first MMORPG out there and many current players have been playing for years now, and the sense of belonging and familiarity is enough for the veterans to keep coming back.

Also ,it is generally less toxic than some of the current MMORPGs on the market now. A few idiots exist, but rarely are you going to be called a noob and all kinds of slurs by 12 years old for fumbling a quest.

In this game , other players have been known to quit for months or years and then coming back just to see what's new. I guess it’s like leaving your hometown and then return after a long time and realize some buildings are no longer there or new diner has popped out. The nostalgia factor will keep you going.

Quests are generally easier and level up is somewhat easier compared to some other MMORPGs, leaving you with plenty of time to do sidequests or just exploring. many high-level players with nothing better to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon drop by, collect some resources for a few hours, then logging out.

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