​Why I Like Runescape ?

Affected by the epidemic, I spend a lot of time playing games every day, the biggest comfort I can get is from Runescape.But frankly speaking, Runescape is not a game for everyone. It is very gritty and goal-oriented. If you don’t like doing the same thing over and over to gain levels and accomplish goals, then Runescape is not the game for you.

I however, love Runescape. Speaking from my own experience, I like the sense of accomplishment I get from leveling up in the game. It’s a feeling that I don’t get from playing other grind-fest games like Destiny. I don’t know if it’s

because Runescape makes you feel like you’re progressing toward an end goal, or because I’ve been playing it since I was in grade school, but it just feels good to me to complete a quest or get OSRS GP.

As I said, Runescape isn’t for everyone, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. And Runescape was a simple MMORPG with accessible graphics. It was amazing to chat online with other users, that's one of the reasons I'm addicted to it.

I remember following a fisherman as he guided me into the basics of gameplay. Now I'm having a flashback of several MMOs where someone helped me get started and I haven't continued in any of them. Anyway, when a real person helps you in-game it is a fun experience. It would be even more fun to help others.

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