​Is buying RuneScape gold good or bad?

If you are working a regular job, 40 hours per week, then that doesn’t leave you a ton of time to play Runescape. Unlike some players who may be under 18, or who simply don’t work for whatever reason, you are instantly at a disadvantage. Creating Runescape gold on your own usually requires:

· Time

· High-level skills (more time)

· Good Gear (more gold = more time)

So how can you possibly keep up with players who don’t work a regular job, when everything involved in making gold revolves back to you trading your time for progress.

Trade Money for Time

You’ve heard the expression Time is Money. It’s no new concept. Time and money are intertwined through many facets of life. Runescape is no exception. If you don’t have the disposable time to create your own gold, then you need to trade someone your resources (money) in exchange for their time.

We make these sorts of transactions all the time. You are wearing clothes that came from other people’s labor. You are eating food that was processed and collected by someone else’s labor. While it’s valiant to do things on your own, there are only so many hours in a day.

Does it Hurt the Game?

Buying Runescape Gold from a forum like from a third party doesn’t hurt the game. That’s because these are simply other players trading their time for your money (and vice versa). But you want to make sure the seller isn’t botting or glitching to earn the gold. That does have a negative impact.

Just go to one of the established sellers on there like, who you know isn’t botting or glitching. Then you’re just using a broker to buy gold from other regular OSRS players. Their gold prices today are roughly 70 cents USD per million. So if you work a $10/hour job that’s like 14M+ OSRS Gold for one hour of work.

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