OSRS battle guide for F2P players of different levels

Different combat methods can bring different experiences to players. This is also the main combat method for players to get the pleasure of the game in Old School RuneScape. In order to be able to better enjoy this kind of fun, you need to continuously upgrade. When your game level reaches a certain level, you will be able to easily earn a lot of OSRS Gold medals.

Melee, ranged, and magic

In RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, you can fight in three ways: melee, long-range, and magic. Among the three, if you are just starting, the first two are better choices. As for magic, you need to use runes.

For each combat method, you need different equipment. For melee combat, it will be armor and scimitar. As a F2P player, as your level increases, you can change from bronze armor to garnet. If you have OSRS funds, you can also choose a more general method. When fighting against an enemy that overwhelms the attack, it is changed to chain armor, and long-range armor is applied to enemies using magic. Finally, use a strength amulet or strength amulet, as both can improve accuracy.

If you want to shoot, we recommend that you choose leather armor because they provide range rewards. The best armor you can get is the green dragon skin, which can provide 40 defense and 40 range.

Levels 1-30 – Chickens

Now it's time for combat training. For the early stages from 1 to 20, you will handle the chickens in the upper part and then the giant rats in the lower part. Considering that they are just animals, you should not be in trouble. When fighting with them, the biggest problem may be the small amount of XP they get.

Fortunately, the road to level 30 is even more exciting. You will fight against Al-Kharid fighters, who, although not so powerful, tend to be somewhat defensive. However, please don't let this frighten you, because it only means that you will get greater XP benefits. Besides, if you have food, they will automatically beside you. If you can handle multiple issues without causing them too much attention, you can upgrade to here in AFK mode.

Levels 30-70 – Hill Giants

Next is Hill Giants, you can reach level 70. In addition to giving up a lot of XP, you can pass them to higher levels, and they will also drop big bones and broken roots. This means you can earn OSRS Gold while training.

Levels 40-60-Alternatives and Endgame

As an alternative, you can recruit Flesh Crawlers at level 40. They can be found on the second floor of the fortress under the entrance of the Barbarian Village cave. What makes this alternative attractive is that it can be easily AFK processed, allowing you to do other things while grinding.

Levels 60-80 – Giant Spiders

In addition, you can start using Giant Spiders at 60 instead of grinding to 70 before Hill Giants. Either way, you need to be here to reach level 80 more easily.

Located on the third floor of the safe fortress, you need extra strength potions and food. Just let your character launch an offense, and they will eventually lose their hatred and go elsewhere. Although this method will not kill them, you will gain experience points anyway, which is very important.

Levels 80+ – Ogress Warriors

Finally, from level 80 to the upper limit, this is the Ogress Warriors for you! In addition to earning XP, they also drop very valuable loot. It can be found in the pirate ship cave dungeon. Make sure to bring a powerful potion, chisel and prayer protection to avoid melee combat.

By operating the above methods, you will immediately have a strong fighting ability. If you want to master more OSRS guides, please bookmark our website: